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Outstanding Termite Treatment

Have a Termite-Free Property

Keep termites at bay with the help of Access Exterminator Service. We provide termite services for both residential and commercial customers. Our termite treatments are based on inspection findings, and all services are done by licensed individuals.

We specialize in no-move-out local treatment options for Homeowners Associations (HOA). We are members of AAOC, AACSC, CAI, CAA. Have peace of mind knowing that our trained technicians will do structural repairs for termite damages. Escrow inspections are also available for a nominal fee. Call our office now at (877) 522-2377 for FREE consultations and $50 off any local treatment.

Termite control in Southern California by Access Exterminator Service

How to Know if You Have Termites?

  • Termite damages
  • Termite droppings
  • Swarming termites
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